MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION Adults over the age of 18 are eligible to join. Family members enjoy the privileges of membership, but cannot vote. All applicants must be approved by the Board of Directors. 

BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP • Vote in elections • Reduced costs for rounds • Monthly meetings and newsletters • Shoot in Hol-Field Summer and Winter Leagues • Opportunity to tend Hol-Field events • Represent Hol-Field at traveling leagues • Run for election for Officers or Board Members • Rent Clubhouse for private parties PRICE: $50 / Year. 

The membership year starts October 1st.  If you want to use the club at anytime as a member, you must obtain a Swipe Card . This is obtainable by putting in a total of at least 4 hours of volunteer time up at the club. There is a list at the club of things that need to be done, or just see a Officer or Board Member for more details. Without the Swipe card you do not have access to the clubhouse!!  2017/2018 Memberships: It’s time to renew your membership to the club. Your yearly membership is good till September 30th. Dues will be changing to $50 this year. Please stop by the club any Thursday night or during any club function. TO GET AN APPLICATION OR TO APPLY: SAVE / DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM Please fill out all areas of the application form, then you can e-mail it to the Secretary of the Club or hand it in person during open hours at the club. email address:   

RIFLE RANGE USE: There is an additional fee of $50 per year for unlimited use of the 100 yard rifle / pistol range. You must first aquire a General Membership, and take a safety course. Note: If you need to use the rifle range only once or twice a year (to site in for hunting, etc), Hol-Field designates several days per year when General Members may use the rifle range for a small fee of $5.00. Rifle Range Recertification 2017 Form: recertification range form link for rich text form  recertification range form link for PDF form To do the recertification for Rifle Range, click on the download form link above and read and fill out the information at the bottom. Just drop that off at the club and you are all set for the year. Rifle Range Officers If you are a rifle range member and need certification please contact any of the following members. 

1. Dan Lietz - 585-233-0331

2. Sam chappell 585-330-3218

3. Justin Havill 585-905-1373